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Some helpful hints to help your move run smoothly

1. Plan your packing

It is vital that you spend time thinking about how you are going to move everything. With the inevitable pressure from packers, agents and solicitors to get going and move, it’s easy to fall into the trap of rushing things. Even if you are moving across the road, logically planning your packing will reduce your overall stress.

At this stage it’s important to have a clear leader, someone who knows where everything belongs. I understand that this is not always an easy election process and if your family is anything like mine, everybody has an opinion and they don’t always see that my way is clearly the right way!

2. Box everything

It may sound ridiculously obvious, but it really is important to put as much as you can into boxes. Boxing everything will reduce the number of trips between the house and the van or car. Moving individual items or loose bits-and-bobs will waste both time and energy, not to mention it increases the risk of losing or breaking things.

If you’re anything like me and seize any opportunity to show off your Tetris packing skills, it’s far easier to slot boxes in amongst beds and cabinets than it is 25 individual board games. Although this experience has shown me how far a Monopoly top hat can roll!

3. Clearly Label

Ensure you spend time clearly detailing and labelling what’s in each box. It’s important to remember to detail which room the box is going to rather than the one it is coming from. If you happen to be downsizing, you may find that ‘Bedroom Four’ is replaced with ‘Garden’ or ‘just stick it there!

This is one step I really wish I’d paid more attention to; it’s easy to spend the time planning the packing as the unpacking seems a whole other entity. Spending the time labelling boxes will mean you’re not frantically running around your new house opening every box just to find that pair of shoes, the toaster or that elusive TV remote.

4. Remember the essentials

Don’t forget your helpers. Those friends and family you are able to convince into helping you move come at a cost. The currency: lunch and a constant flow of refreshments and snacks.

What ever you do, do not pack the essentials. Things like the kettle, tea, milk, sugar, and of course the cups, glasses and tea spoons should be set aside and immune to the packing process! There is nothing worse than completely packing up the kitchen only to remember a few hours later that you have got nothing to make the sandwiches with or you can’t offer anybody a cup of tea. Keep your workers happy and fed in order to maintain a healthy and productive packing process.

5. Share your experiences

This point is less about relieving your stress, but helping those who are about to move in.

If you think back to when you first moved into the house, what would have made things a little easier? Why not leave a little instruction or experience manual for the new owners? Let them know when the bins are collected and how to set the hot water timer. It may be useful to collate any necessary instructions for the appliances you are leaving behind. And why not give them some advice about the local area, what’s the best pub to go to?